Make unstructured data work for you.

Up to 78% of companies have little or no understanding of what's going on across their unstructured data and file shares. We help you turn otherwise idle or difficult-to-extract unstructured data into actionable information to automate knowledge workflows.

Automating knowledge, simplified.

Noam is a knowledge automation platform putting unstructured data to work for your organization.

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Be in control of your data

Our platform can be deployed both on-premise and in-the-cloud, providing value while keeping your data private and secure.

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International platform

We currently support English and German and are working on supporting other languages.

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Unify your data silos

Aggregate organizational knowledge into one platform to simplify access to information, improve internal knowledge sharing, and make information easier to find.

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Intelligent data extraction and classification

Our core engine uses AI/NLP to extract meaningful data from your documents. We use the extracted information to classify documents by type, e.g. legal contract, technical manual, etc.