FAQ and Security

Does Peruse io offer any security features? My files contain sensitive information.

All access occurs over encrypted (SSL) connections. The data center we use has the following certifications: ISO 27001, SSAE-16, SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3. If you have specific requirements we have a number of security measures available for your sensitive data (including PCI and HIPAA BAA), please email us at secure@peruse.io.

Can other people see the contents of my files?

No, we don't store copies of your files. The indices are built for your use only, encrypted at rest and during transit.

What happens to the credentials and indexes created for my files should I decide to cancel your service?

The credentials and indices are deleted after cancellation.

Does the Peruse search engine use up space on my cloud account?

No. Our software to manage and run the search engine does not use up any space on your account.

Are indices for my files stored with my files?

No. The index is stored outside your cloud account. Your files remain on your account.

If I delete my file....what happens to the index for it?

The cloud storage service will transmit this to us and we will remove it from the index.

Can I select to erase an index even though my associated file remains on my account?

If you have this requirement please email us at secure@peruse.io. Otherwise, it remains till you cancel your service with us or delete the file.

Does the index remain even if I rename the associated file?

Yes. The index is updated to match your new filename.